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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Find a Good Web Company and Stick With Them

This is our 3rd new client this week which is leaving a previous web design company and the stories just keep getting more and more outrageous. One client paid for services and now the web designer cannot be reached at any of their contact info so this client is potentially out a few thousand dollars. Another client was with a company for over a year and when they decided to leave and take their website with them the company told them the website files were with another company and that company would not release the website files. My guess is this web designer charged this client a tone of money and then paid someone overseas to develop the website. The bottom line if you're looking into new website development you should ask some questions and get stuff in writing.

Important questions:

Will I Own The Website?

If a company charges you for a custom website then chances are you will own the website after an agreed amount is paid. If a company is charging you a relatively low monthly fee then you might just e paying for a template website which means you won't own the website you're simply renting that website and advertising space as long as you're with that company.

Is The Designer Building The Website Local?

If you're getting a company to do your website development find out if the company is local. Ask if the designer works for the company or is the company contracting the work out to someone else. If the company is local pay them a visit. Meet the company and meet the designer.

How Long Will It Take To Get Your Website Developed?

Ask for a time frame. The web Design Company or designer should give you a time frame for completion of your project. The time frame may not be exact but should be close to what was guaranteed. Keep in mind information may be required from you or your company to help with the development process and time line.

Please Check Back For More Q and A's and Important Web Related Information.

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