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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Smarter Products

We are over a third of the way into 2013 and it's quickly become apparent this is the year of the smart products, and conversely, this is the year our environments become a whole lot smarter. There are the giants Google and Apple attracting heaps of attention for Google Glass and the much anticipated/rumored iWatch. Don't forget about the Kickstarter darlings Nest (smart Thermostat: http://nest.com/ca/ ), LIFX (smart Lightbulb: http://store.lifx.co/?landing ) and Kevo (smart Lock: http://www.kevo.net/ ). CES unveiled an exciting glimpse into the future Samsung Smart Kitchen, and there are an abundance of apps that make existing artifacts smarter without the need to reproduce those artifacts with additional hardware. Automatic is such an app – compatible with most cars built after 1996, "It mixes your car's data with Google Maps and gas pricing info to create a comprehensive record of every trip you take, tracking fuel efficiency, acceleration and engine alerts." - The Verge.

As our products continue to be more responsive and smarter and our environments interactive, I’m left to wonder – which product started it all?

This is my guess:

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