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Friday, 18 July 2014

Does Your Business Have A Social Media Profile?

People are using Social Media to connect with not only their friends and family, or to stay abreast of the latest news and trends, customers are following and researching companies and brands through Social Media.  So the question remains:

Does your Business Have a Social Media Profile?

If your business has a website (which it should) your company should have a Social Media presence.  This not only will put your business out in front of the millions of people currently using Social Media, but it an excellent tool in driving traffic back to your website.  Here are a few Social Media platforms to help you get started:

Google+:        Make a great first impression.  Creating a Google+ profile helps you control how you appear across Google.  With your Google+ profile you can map your company’s location, and post content (Photos, Videos, etc) relevant to your business.

Facebook:      Over a billion people use Facebook to connect.  Facebook offers users the option to create a Business Profile page.  Through your Facebook Business Profile your posts can include videos, photos, links and documents.  Whether you are launching a new product or service, or just building awareness, your profile will help your business stay top of mind with users.

Pinterest:       Like Facebook, Pinterest has created Pinterest for Business pages, allowing you to bring your business to millions of people who are discovering new ideas for what they would like to do, buy and plan.  The key to Pinterest is creating quality descriptions for your content that will interest/drive the visitor your product or service.

You Tube:      Creating a You Tube channel for your business allows you to post videos providing a more in depth look at your product or service.  Companies use You Tube to promote everything from product launches to business evolutions in their company.

Twitter:           Twitter is a quick and easy way to promote your business.  With its 140 character limit, it is prime for breaking ideas and updates.  An added benefit of Twitter is the cross promotion of your other Social Media profiles.  Content posted on Google+, Facebook, You Tube & Pinterest can be shared through Twitter, a great tool to drive people to your various profiles.

If you are going to take the time to branch out into Social Media, try to remember these final two tips.  Keep Active:  If you are going to have a profile, stay updated, do not leave it idle.  Verify Your Business:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & You Tube allow users to “Verify” themselves, this shows visitors that you’re a trustworthy source.

Friday, 11 July 2014

The Importance of Mobile Content

The importance of having a powerful online presence is even more prevalent in the success of any business.  We are living in a world of evolving technologies, with customers utilizing new mediums to find content and businesses than ever before.

To stay competitive in this ever evolving online community is it important to ensure your business is staying up-to-date with the changing technologies.

We are in a digital age where consumers now have instant access to information with the aid of their mobile devices, whether it is a smartphone or tablet, customers can source products and services on the go.  This is why it is important for your businesses online presence to stay current so you don’t miss opportunities to reach returning and potential customers.

The development of a mobile version of your website is a key tool in staying competitive.

The number of people using their mobile devices to access the internet is increasing:

- Approx. 70% of Canadians are using mobile devices. (Google Engage Conference - Sept. 2012)

- 93% of Canadians go online for product information. (Google Engage Conference - Sept. 2012)

- 91% of adults keep their smartphones within an arm’s reach. (Morgan Stanley) 

- 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to activity, with more than half leading to sales. (SearchEngineLand) 

The there are various ways to create a mobile version of your website, and with Responsive Web Design, Netvatise can create a mobile version of your website.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Importance of SEO

There are over 45,000 searches on Google per second.  The question is however, when customers are performing a search are they finding your website first or your competitors.

Creating content rich and informative websites is a key tool for a successful business.  However, in an ever changing digital market you need to ensure your website is reaching your current and potential customers.  There are a myriad of tools to promote your online presence, so it is important to have a successful marketing strategy.

One such tool that is a vital component to online marketing is your SEO Strategy.

Here are “7 Small Business SEO Tips From the Experts” courtesy of The Huffington Post.

1.      Lay the Foundation with Quality Website Content

2.      Keyword Rich Content

3.      Give Away Valuable Information

4.      Quality Link Building

5.      Use Schema Markup for a Local SEO Advantage

6.      Follow Current Best Practice

7.      Don't Over Rely on SEO

Read the full article here: The Huffington Post

If you are looking for a quality website or would like to know how SEO can work for you, contact Netvatise for more information.