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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Importance of SEO

There are over 45,000 searches on Google per second.  The question is however, when customers are performing a search are they finding your website first or your competitors.

Creating content rich and informative websites is a key tool for a successful business.  However, in an ever changing digital market you need to ensure your website is reaching your current and potential customers.  There are a myriad of tools to promote your online presence, so it is important to have a successful marketing strategy.

One such tool that is a vital component to online marketing is your SEO Strategy.

Here are “7 Small Business SEO Tips From the Experts” courtesy of The Huffington Post.

1.      Lay the Foundation with Quality Website Content

2.      Keyword Rich Content

3.      Give Away Valuable Information

4.      Quality Link Building

5.      Use Schema Markup for a Local SEO Advantage

6.      Follow Current Best Practice

7.      Don't Over Rely on SEO

Read the full article here: The Huffington Post

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