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Friday, 15 August 2014

How Prevalent Is Your Website?

So you invested the time, money and energy into developing a cutting edge website to promote your business.  You made it informative, yet concise along with developing a visually stunning and user friendly design.  While your launch and foray into the online world of business solutions may have been successful, the question is, now that your website has been online for a time, “How prevalent is your website?”

No matter how exceptional your business’ website may be, with out maintaining some form of up-to-date changes to your website, the popularity will decline.  Marketing campaigns, SEO, and a social media cross platform push to your website is an excellent way to drive potential customers/clients to your website.  However if your website remains static, the ability to retain those visitors will decrease.

Just as a company will re-brand itself over the years, your website needs to stay prevalent in a highly competitive online industry.  A massive redesign is not necessary, however if you do re-brand your company, you should re-brand you website as well. 

A few simple steps to keeping your website up-to-date:

-          When customers/clients ask questions about your business, add the answers to your F.A.Q. page.  Other visitors may have the same questions.  
-          Adding a reviews page to your website, will allow visitors to see why past customers/clients chose your business.
-          Whenever you add a new product or are providing a new service, remember to update your website with this information.

While keeping your website up-to-date may seem like an obvious decision, many businesses website can fall through the cracks in this competitive virtual world.  So it is important to remember that you must keep your website updated to ensure your business’ website remains prevalent.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Importance of Branding

What is your Brand Identity?

Whether you have created a product or you are offering a service, your ability to market to your customers relies on your company’s branding strategy.  Branding is a vital component to the success of your business, and the success of your branding strategy will be determined by quality of the branding you have created.

Many a successful company has become a household name based on the quality of the branding that they have created for the marketplace.  For example, how often do you refer to a box of tissues as Kleenex even when you do not have the Kleenex brand?  The brand name has become synonymous with “tissue”, which is an excellent example of quality Brand Identity.

When developing your company’s Brand Identity focus on creating a cohesive branding strategy that reflects your business model, product or service, as well as drawing attention to your target audience.  Your company’s branding should encompass everything from targeted marketing campaigns, to multimedia (radio/television/print) as well as through your online presence (website/social media/advertisements, etc.)

Creating a quality Brand Identity is not exclusive to new businesses.  Whether you are a startup or have an established business, the key to keeping yourself at the forefront in a competitive market is to know when to re-brand.  Re-Branding is and opportunity to “start fresh”.  When it comes to re-branding, remember it is not re-inventing the wheel, sometimes it is just giving customers a different perspective of who you are and what you are offering. 

If you are looking to develop your Brand Identity or are looking to Re-Brand yourself, Netvatise can assist you with your company’s branding.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Are You Content Aware?

Is the content on your website driving customers to your company or driving them away?

While it is important to have a visually stunning and user friendly website to attract and entice customers to your business, the key to retaining your customer is the content you website provides.

There are a few key elements required to ensure you are creating quality content for your website.

Be Informative while remaining Concise.  Provide a background on your business, while informing visitors on the key elements that make your business standout against the competition.  Provide information on the products/services that your business offers.

Know Your Audience.  Keep in mind that all visitors to your website are potential customers.  Whether they choose to revisit you website or work with your business will be determined based on the value of the content provided on the website. 

Have an Open Dialogue.  Provide a way for visitors (and in turn potential customers) to contact your business.  Simply providing a client services email as an alternative to a phone number may seem like it common sense, but it is a key element that many businesses forget.  You can also try next level customer engagement with a “Live Chat” or engage your customers through Social Media.

Link your Website to your Social Media.  As discussed in our Does Your Business Have a Social Media Profile? Post on July 18th, your business should have a Social Media profile.  If you are currently using Twitter or Facebook for business you can utilize widgets that show live updates from your Social Media profiles on your website.

Know you “Buzz Words”.  While you are creating content for your website ensure you are creating keyword rich content.  While keeping in mind that originality is the key.  Duplicate content on your website will work against you when it comes to your SEO.