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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Are You Content Aware?

Is the content on your website driving customers to your company or driving them away?

While it is important to have a visually stunning and user friendly website to attract and entice customers to your business, the key to retaining your customer is the content you website provides.

There are a few key elements required to ensure you are creating quality content for your website.

Be Informative while remaining Concise.  Provide a background on your business, while informing visitors on the key elements that make your business standout against the competition.  Provide information on the products/services that your business offers.

Know Your Audience.  Keep in mind that all visitors to your website are potential customers.  Whether they choose to revisit you website or work with your business will be determined based on the value of the content provided on the website. 

Have an Open Dialogue.  Provide a way for visitors (and in turn potential customers) to contact your business.  Simply providing a client services email as an alternative to a phone number may seem like it common sense, but it is a key element that many businesses forget.  You can also try next level customer engagement with a “Live Chat” or engage your customers through Social Media.

Link your Website to your Social Media.  As discussed in our Does Your Business Have a Social Media Profile? Post on July 18th, your business should have a Social Media profile.  If you are currently using Twitter or Facebook for business you can utilize widgets that show live updates from your Social Media profiles on your website.

Know you “Buzz Words”.  While you are creating content for your website ensure you are creating keyword rich content.  While keeping in mind that originality is the key.  Duplicate content on your website will work against you when it comes to your SEO.

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