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Monday 15 September 2014

Get Started Blogging with Tumblr

Have you been thinking of starting a blog as a companion to your website?

Getting started with blogging is an excellent marketing tool.  A blog allows you to speak directly to potential clientele and keep them updated on everything that is happening with your business.  You can use it as a place for Q and A’s as well as a great tool for posting Press Releases to the public.  Blogs are very popular way to connect with the online community, and one of the most popular blogger platforms is Tumblr.

If you are getting started, Tumblr gives you the ability to effortlessly share anything.  Your posts can include text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos. Your content can even be posted from your browser, phone, desktop & email. 

Ideal for the novice blogger this user friendly platform makes posting content simple and efficient, even for the busy professional. For example:

-                      Download the Tumblr app to post directly from your phone with IPhone, Android or Windows.
-                       The Bookmarklet button allows you to share content you find on other sites.
-                      Post via Email by composing a message and sending it to your blog’s custom email address.
-                      You can phone in an Audio post at 1-866-584-6757 by leaving a message, you can create an audio post.

If you are a little hesitant about how to get started with using Tumblr for your business, here are three successful companies/corporations that are using Tumblr to promote their business with great success.

1.                  Coca Cola: http://coca-cola.tumblr.com/
2.                  Disney Pixar: http://disneypixar.tumblr.com/
3.                  NPR: http://npr.tumblr.com/

Monday 8 September 2014

Corporate Websites vs. Branch Websites

Once you have launched your company’s online presence with a corporate website, one of the questions you will inevitably come across is, “Do I also need to create branch websites?”

The answer is yes and no.  The requirement for branch or “affiliate” websites will vary depending on the size of your company, your type of business and the countries in which you serve.

If you have a company that operates in more than one country you will need to create a version of your website for each country.  This will allow you to address everything from pricing, product, and service differences in a website customized for each country where your business operates.  Even if you operate your business in only one country, it would be in your best interest to create a site in more than one language.  For example: The Tim Hortons website can be viewed in either English (CAN or US) or French (CAN).  This ensures you are not neglecting any potential clientele.

If you are a business that operates franchises, you should have, along with your company’s corporate website, websites for each of your franchise offices.  This more direct and selective approach to targeting will help potential clients find the information they need.

They key to any successful business is exposure.  Always remember to create a footprint online that will make your company easier to find and more likely to connect with potential clientele.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Social Media Analytics

Learn more about your customers through your Social Media Analytics.  Your analytics tools provided by your various social media platforms can help your business continue to improve how they work, with meaningful insights about what is of interest to their customers.

The difference between social media analytics and your standard website analytics is the personalized insight into your visitors through social media.  Tracking your social media activity through analytics, provides valuable insight into the type of person that is interested in your product or service, this allows you to direct focused advertising to select groups and help you decide on new products or services base on the type of customers that are interested in your business.

If you are utilizing the following social media platforms to promote your business, here is a little insight into the analytics that are offered to users:

Pinterest Analytics: analytics.pinterest.com

View what people prefer most from your Pinterest profile and website, as well as how much traffic your site gets when you add the Pin It button. View your audience’s most common interests along with which other Pinterest Business pages they follow.

Twitter Analytics: analytics.twitter.com

Through Tweet Activity Dashboard you can click on an individual Tweet to see specific data for that Tweet.  For example you can find details on your Impressions, Link Clicks, Embedded Media Clicks, Detail Expands, Favourites, Replies and Retweets.

Facebook Page Insights: Insights (top of your page)

View metrics about your Facebook page such as: Total Pages Likes, New Page Likes, Post Reach, Total Reach and Engagement.

Google+ Insight: Insights (on your dashboard)

View Actions on Posts (Views, +1's, Comments & Shares), Views (Search Views, Post Views, Profile Views, & Photo Views) as well as the age, gender and country of your followers.

YouTube Analytics: www.youtube.com/analytics

This allows you to know who your viewers are and where they are finding your videos. You can find out what makes your viewers visit your page, how many videos were viewed, why viewers chose to subscribe, if your Annotations are effective, as well as how your audience is interacting with your videos.