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Monday, 8 September 2014

Corporate Websites vs. Branch Websites

Once you have launched your company’s online presence with a corporate website, one of the questions you will inevitably come across is, “Do I also need to create branch websites?”

The answer is yes and no.  The requirement for branch or “affiliate” websites will vary depending on the size of your company, your type of business and the countries in which you serve.

If you have a company that operates in more than one country you will need to create a version of your website for each country.  This will allow you to address everything from pricing, product, and service differences in a website customized for each country where your business operates.  Even if you operate your business in only one country, it would be in your best interest to create a site in more than one language.  For example: The Tim Hortons website can be viewed in either English (CAN or US) or French (CAN).  This ensures you are not neglecting any potential clientele.

If you are a business that operates franchises, you should have, along with your company’s corporate website, websites for each of your franchise offices.  This more direct and selective approach to targeting will help potential clients find the information they need.

They key to any successful business is exposure.  Always remember to create a footprint online that will make your company easier to find and more likely to connect with potential clientele.

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