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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Leveraging Your “Followers” and Customers

It is important to utilize all of the information you have at your disposal regarding your “followers” and customers to the maximum benefit of your business.   Your business needs to leverage its key resources, in order to ensure you are fully targeting any potential or current customers.

For starters your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.) will give you valuable insight into the type of person that is interested in your business.  Allowing you to breakdown factors such as their interests, locations and which type of content is driving them to your website.

When current clients/customers are using your businesses services (or purchasing your products) it is important to ensure that you are keeping a detailed database of which services that these customers are utilizing.  Which type of services did this client use, or what type of product did this customer purchase?  Are there similar patterns or activity among certain products/services or regions? 

By breaking down the patterns and interests of your clients/customers, it allows your business to create buying patterns, and targeting marketing campaigns directing certain products or services to specific audiences, where you know it will have the best impact and the most successful results.

The most important tool businesses have to increase and promote their business is their own audience.  Every client or customer that your business adds is the key to bringing additional people to your business.  You just have to know how to harness this information to leverage your “followers” and customers.

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