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Monday 10 November 2014

Connecting With Your Clients: Newsletters vs. E-Blasts

Are you connecting with your clients?  How are you staying connected? 

If your business is practicing the elements required for a successful business: Branding Awareness, Targeted Marketing Strategy, Social Media Push & Quality Rich Content, you should have established a thriving business with a valuable client base. 

However, once you have those clients it is important to keep in touch with them in an effort to ensure they become a repeat customer.  If you have clients in your database that either have not purchased another product, or updated a service you have provided, this is an ideal opportunity to target them to make another purchase.

Newsletters and E-Blasts are two excellent ways to target specific customers with new products or services that will entice them back to your business.  Your client database is the best tool you have at your disposal to determine who you are targeting with your email campaign. 

So what is difference between Newsletters vs. E-Blasts?

Newsletters are larger format emails, used when sending out information to a larger group, allowing you to go into greater detail.  For Example: If you have customers who have had a website designed some time ago and it may be time for a refresh/redesign.  The newsletter would be sent out to all of the clients in your database that would fit this criteria.  

E-Blasts are used as more of a note, so are smaller in scale.  For Example: You have a new product or service that you would like to promote or you are offering a coupon or service discount. The benefits of an E-Blast are that they are short and to the point, acting more as a quick reminder.

Whether you are using a Newsletter or an E-Blast to promote your business, there is no preference over either as to which one is more successful.  Both are effective ways for keeping touch with your clients through a targeted email campaign.  Some people even use both in their promotion.  As long as you know who you are targeting and you have the content to market, you will be able to launch a successful email campaign.

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