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Monday 3 November 2014

The Art of Re-Branding

Knowing when to re-brand is the key to keeping yourself fresh in the competitive marketplace. The art of re-branding is to know when it is right time to introduce a new image to your clients/customers, along with a creative and competitive marketing strategy to promote your business new image.

A re-brand does not have to reinvent the wheel, just to refresh to image to in an effort to reintroduce yourself and give any current or potential clients the opportunity to view your business from a new perspective.

It is important to have all of your key marketing elements in place before launching your new branding campaign.  The key to a successful launch of a new branding strategy is launching it across all of your marketing simultaneously.  Once you have created your new “look” a cross platform launch should include: Website, Print Ads, Television/Radio, Billboards and Social Media Blitz to ensure customers/clients are aware of your companies “changing” image.  

When developing a re-branding strategy and campaign it is important to remain true to your company’s vision.  A complete overhaul that is a departure from your usual strategy may not turn out to be successful.  Many large companies have faced failed re-branding campaigns, like PepsiCo’s re-packaging of their Tropicana OJ in 2009. The change of design for the packaging prompted a backlash and after a month of complaints, PepsiCo announced that it would be returning to the previous carton design.

Your branding strategy is how clients and customers recognize your business.  Make sure you have an effective campaign that represents not only who your are, but who you are targeting and always try to keep yourself fresh and visible in the marketplace.

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