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Wednesday 3 December 2014

Responsive Marketing

An important element in any successful image campaign for your business is an effective Responsive Marketing plan.

Responsive Marketing develops targeted campaigns to release in the regions and within the platforms that are most utilized by the audience for your respective product. 

This time of year is a massive marketing launch for businesses and a highly competitive time for businesses and their marketing campaigns.  From billboards and newspapers to the television and radio campaigns business have numerous varied campaigns for targeting different demographics to their business this holiday season.

Target has launched it’s Christmas television marketing campaign, with a colourful series of commercials airing throughout the day and featuring their latest toy collections to “target” it’s demographic of holiday shoppers and children’s wish lists.

The older skewed audience of commuters and office workers are targeted through their radios with commercials for diamond companies and jewelers looking for something for that special someone for the holidays.

Coca Cola launches large scale billboard campaigns to promote their products over the holiday season.  Coca Cola products are popular among the youth and older audiences during the holiday party season, and their billboard campaign allows them to target both audiences.

The trick to a successful Responsive Marketing campaign is to know your audience, and know what platforms will reach them and provide you with the most responsive audience.

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