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Wednesday 10 June 2015

A Responsive Future Ahead

 We are working on updating our client’s websites to mobile friendly versions.

 Google recently announced an update to their search algorithm which helps promote websites which are analyzed as 'mobile-friendly' And penalize sites which do not meet the criteria.

Google has mentioned that search results will only be impacted on mobile and desktop and tablet searches will remain unaffected. However, this is still nothing to laugh about.

Over 50% of searches are done on mobile now. If you're curious about your websites standing, Google has released a free tool to help you evaluate your site's mobile-friendly standing. Though not 100% accurate, it will give a good indication to your website's status.

Click here to check it out! There are a couple methods of getting your site ready, the most typical being either responsive design or adaptive design.

Responsive design is the latest trend as it helps promote a fluid website experience across all devices. if your site needs help becoming mobile-friendly, contact Netvatise today!

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